A Brief Introduction to Zhejiang Shuren University
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Zhejiang Shuren College (Zhejiang Shuren University), founded in 1984, is an undergraduate institute initiated by Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and governed by the Department of Education of Zhejiang Province and run by social sectors. In 2004, when Comrade Xi Jinping inspected the university during his work in Zhejiang, he was highly affirmative of the path that the university sticks to and expressed his ardent hopes. For the university’s 36-year running, it has made steady progress in academic quality and earned a rising reputation. More than 80,000 talents have been cultivated with solid professional knowledge, good hands-on skills, being humane and the salt of the earth for the construction of socialism.

Currently, there are two campuses, which are Gongchenqiao, Hangzhou Campus and Yangxunqiao, Shaoxing Campus, occupying a total area of 1,230muand their construction area accounting for 650,000 square meters. The university has twelve secondary colleges including Shulan International Medical College headed by the academicians, and accommodates 17,000 full-time students. The teaching instrument and equipment is worth 220 million yuan. The library owns 1.84 million books and e-books are over 960,000. In 2015, the university was listed into the first batch of pilot projects for demonstration of building application-oriented institutions.Hence, it has been number one in the ranking list of the competitiveness of China’s private undergraduate institutions for several consecutive years.

The university adheres to the leading role of disciplinary construction. Its disciplines cover eight categories, including medicine, literature, economics, management, science, law, engineering and art, all of which contribute to the development system of discipline and program with a solid foundation and multidisciplinary coordination.There are four Provincial First Class Disciplines, two research centers for Belarusian Nation and Region by the Ministry of Education, and for Modern Service at a provincial level respectively. In addition, the university possessestwoprovincial and ministerialresearch bases,two provincial industry platforms,one provincial innovation team and twenty five university research institutes and platforms.Forty nine undergraduate programs and eight junior college degree programs have been set up, among which there are one National Featured Specialty, four Provincial Key Specialties, one Provincial Meritorious Specialty, one Provincial Meritorious Specialty under Construction, four Provincial Emerging Featured Specialties under Construction and three Provincial Featured Specialties under Construction as well.The university has four provincial centers for experiment teaching demonstration, two provincial key centers for demonstration projects under construction and ten provincial VR experiment teaching programs in total. According to the strategic needs of disciplines’ interaction and integration, the university is accelerating building the research institute for interdisciplinary science and the research platforms for medicine-engineering-information and modern services.

The university focuses on a talent-based strategy for underpinning the university’s development. Currently, there are 1200 faculty members, among whom, there are 880 full-time teachers, nearly 200 of them are doctorate holders, 80.7% MA degree holders, and 90 professors or researchers. In recent years, by means of introduction and cultivation, the university has had more than 70 talented members entitled National Excellent Teacher, Provincial Renowned Teacher, Top Young Talents of Provincial Ten Thousands Program, and Young and Middle-aged Disciplinary Leaders. At present, more than ten high-end talents have been employed. They are academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, foreign academicians, Renowned Teacher at national level, National Outstanding Young Talent, and State-Council Allowance Obtained Expert, who have formed powerful guarantee for the students’ growth and success.

The university is devoted to educating advanced application-oriented talents. It has established eleven industry schools including Shulan International Nursing School, headed by academicians, School of Shaoxing Yellow Wine, School of Vanke Suiyuan Elderly Healthcare, School of Greentown Smart Property. Through university-government-enterprise synergy, and integration of education and industry, the university vigorously improves the students’ ability of learning, application and self-development. Two hundred and fifty six off-campus Intern and Practice Placements have been established, among which there are one national and two provincial college students off-campus practice education bases, and Forty Nine Enterprises Funding Educational Projects on University-Industry Synergy Funded approved by the Ministry of Education. Much emphasis has been laid on the organic integration of professional and entrepreneurship and innovation education. Students’ practice space for their entrepreneurship and innovation, One Park-Three Sections-Two Areas-One Center, has been built, which helps the students win the first prize in the National College Student Structure Design Competition, and the silver medal in China’s Internet+ College StudentEntrepreneurship and Innovation Contest, and etc. In the past three years, our students have won more than 500 prizes in various scientific competitions either at a national or a provincial level. The graduates employment rate reaches above 97%.The start-up rate has been listed in top ten provincial undergraduate universities.

The university upholds the leadership of the Party Building, whose two Model Party Branches of the National Party Building, has been selected as Nurtured and Constructed Unit for Provincial Demonstration University for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Party Building, Benchmark School as well as Model Party Branch. With a two-campus uniformity education outlook, in light ofNew Thoughts Navigation,nurtured by the campus culture of Four Seasons Growth, Class Youth League Fortress and E-class Building, the university has formed a long-term mechanism of Three-Pronged Education (education for all, in the whole process and all dimensions).

The university is dedicated to openness in running school and has fostered friendly relationship and cooperation with over seventy universities and institutes from the globe such as the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Canada, Belarus, Japan, Korea, Australia, Siri Lank, Tailand and China’s Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The university is also devoted to training outstanding talents, encouraging those who wish to pursue advanced studies to apply to graduate school and quite a number of students are selected to study abroad.

The university never forgets its original aspiration of “Educating Talent for the Nation”, and always remembers its mission of “Morality in Cultivating People”. It has carried forward the Motto “Virtue and Wisdom in Unremitting Cultivation”, proactively providing services for regional economic and social development and for the nation’s strategic moves, and striving towards being an important window for comprehensively exhibiting running school by social sectors in the new era.

Office of International Affairs

Contact Person:Ms.Wang Yun


College of International Education

Contact Person:Ms.Hu Jianwei



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